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FGGC Owerri School Anthem

The guns of battle were all silent
The smoke of destruction blown away
The lips of war were sealed and the scaring almost healed
When our school was born to herald a new day.

We know that the Mighty River Niger
Begins As a trickle then a stream
And gathers up its strength from the land of its birth
To flow through our great country wide serene.

We come from the ends of this great country
To join hands and learn the arts of peace
Our voices may be small but united in our call
Long live Nigeria, North, South, West and East.

Nigeria we allĀ  make thee a promise
To serve thee with strength might and breath
To build and not break down, bury quarrels in the ground
So that those who died may not have gone in vain.

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Wednesday, 14. November 2018

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